Cinderella at Brinderbella

Cinderella at Brinderbella


Hmm lets see why I love this blog… Let me list the reasons:

  1. Lots of flower photos
  2. Curious cows
  3. Dogs
  4. Country views
  5. Lovely quality photos – making the ‘boring’ posts about mundane things such as curtain making actually interesting.
  6. A house renovation project with actual stuff that needs doing – not just painting walls. Check out this post! Looks a bit like my list at the moment.
  7. Author sounds lovely
  8. She is also planning a wedding/ working office job / working photography weekend job / keeping house / actually doing farming related things
  9. They have chooks
  10. Has posts about op-shopping finds and vintage shops

So ok. It was just 10 reasons, felt like more  when looking at her blog. Ha. Ah well 10’s plenty I say. Anyway, overall I like that she includes the ‘non- pretty’ things in her blog. Because that is the most useful and inspiring.  Thanks Emma Durkins. Nice work.

BTW, all photos are ripped from her blog, obviously, but you can check out her actual photography business website at www.emmadurkinphotographics.com.au.



Maybe I need to learn what a blog is exactly. I think this is a blog but maybe I don’t really know what that means. It could be a plain old website. Or an online database of some sort… whatever you want to call it (and I will be calling it a blog so that it qualifies for entry on this site…) it is an excellent site.

I know I’ve already blogged about recipe search sites before but this is my new favourite so I wanted to update things.

This site is just SO GLAMOROUS! It would appear that the makers of it are choosing lovely photos of food from other blogs and then reposting them on these very pretty pages.

The search functions are not anywhere near as detailed as something like taste.com or a million others but I overlook that for the ‘niceness’ of it all. And because it really is very extensive in its range. I tried typing in quinoa the other day and I got recipes for quinoa pancakes, salads, stuffings, probably smoothies. It was crazy.  I think there were about 700 recipes just for quinoa. CRAZY. Plus they ALL look delicious.

So thank you to my mate Stephen for the hot tip and I hope you other folk like this ‘blog’ as much as me.

Here’s some teasers. Sorry they are so wintery looking Northeners. It’s cold here… I’ve linked them to the original blogs not tastespotting.com so go get lost.

In blogland I mean.

Polka Dot Bride


My blog watching has changed drastically in the last few months. As a result of awesome things going on in my life I’m now looking at a lot of wedding blogs… I’ll probably hit saturation point very soon but for now I’ve been overwhelmed by the quality and quantity of people’s wedding websites. It’s CRAZY!!

Anyway as I’m in Australia I tend to veer towards those ones based here. Polka Dot Bride seems to be the big guy on campus for Australia. And it does have a heap of OS wedding and engagement examples if that is your wont.

I love how it has links to all the key people who helped with the wedding, the dress designers, the photographer,  the caterers, the reception venue, website etc etc. It makes it very easy to check out the contributers.

Anyway enjoy the beauty of the over thought, over wrought thing that is the wedding day.



Talk about rabbit hole! I was just going about my business, checking  thesartorialist.blogspot.com as per usual and I see THE MOST amazing photo I have ever seen on there, (this is it if you’re interested), and so I click on the comments and see that someone has commented that the ‘model’ is Fay Leshner. Now I don’t know who this person is but then someone else called J says:Anonymous

Is that Fay Leshner? It’s kind of hard to tell from this angle.

Anyways, if so, she’s fantastic. There’s an entire feature and interview with her here:


So I click on the link and OMGolly gosh it’s good. Fay Leshner does indeed have the most wonderful style. She is brave and experimental and of course it doesn’t hurt that she looks like a total dreamboat physically. Anyway I ended up looking at this site (stylelikeu.com) for HOURS.

There are hundreds of ‘closets’ featured on here, and they all have a video of the person describing their style as well. So good. Though I must say that I think the videos destroyed some of the fantasy about people’s personality for me.  Here’s a couple of my favourite images I’ve found thus far:

Kevin Stewart

Fay Leshner

Irina Lazareanu

And look at Beatrix Ost below! Gorgeous!

Also, a hint, to see the vast extent of the closets on the site go to ‘closets’ in the grey info bar on the home page then click on the drop down box to see all the people featured. You’ll quickly see your night disappear. Trust me.

Now I usually only put 3 photos up just to give you a taster of the blog I’m talking about but as you can see I couldn’t narrow it down this time. Here’s one more. Now, just to add one more element of rabbit hole-ness, this next person also has her OWN blog. It’s called The Working Girl ( http://theworkinggirlesq.blogspot.com/) and it’s all about what style mavens wear when they are working in staid environs. She is disgustingly beautiful which is part of what makes every outfit look amazing but still it is a really  good blog for getting your mojo on in work mode. Anyway here is Preetma Singh.

Good night. I’m off to dream about becoming Beatrix Ost. (I think she just overtook Vivienne Westwood.)



California dreaming! I want to move. The light is always lovely in the photos that this blogger takes.

Faye McAuliffe’s blog comes across as very personal even though there is hardly any writing. I like that.

Subscribe to her blog and you’ll receive free tasty visual delights every second day (pretty much).  Again, this is one of those blogs about  varied subject matter so you’ll find minimalist architecture, casual fashion, multiple posts about her love of chooks, teepees and stairs and a heap of photos of her surroundings.  If I had to choose though I’d say that her Music Monday posts are my favourites. I’ve found lots of new music to listen to through them. I especially loved the band ‘The Lonely Wild’ that she recommended. Check them out at their myspace site too.

Love the Little Doe necklace below. How beautiful!


Black Eiffel


Rachel Jones started this blog in 2007 and you can damn well tell she’s a graphic designer. SLICK site indeed!

This ‘lifestyle and design’ focused blog has a bit of everything. Just like The Design Files it has that great thing going on whereby any person who doth visit the site falls under the spell of love. Well maybe not everyone.  It really is a lovely place to go and sit though.

It introduces you to new music, clothing, photography, gifty designy things, decorating tips, merchandising ideas, movies, stationary, low calorie food recipes, ad campaigns, etc. etc. etc.

Some of my favourite things from Black Eiffel:

Melvin Sokolsky

Julia Denos


Even though I remember seeing this fashion shoot in the December 2010 issue of British Vogue, it was lovely to be reminded of it on this blog. Isn’t it super?

Tim Gutt (Photographer) & Shona Heath  (Set designer/ maker)

I know if you’re a blog head you’ve probably heard of this site before. Please  forgive me. I can’t help it. It’s popular for a reason.


The Year in Pictures


James Danziger’s blog, The Year in Pictures, about the pictures that captured his attention. This man knows his stuff.

He has supported many an ace photographer through Danziger Projects, including some of my personal favourites, (fashion) photographers The Sartorialist and Tim Walker.

These photos below are from Teresa Vlckova, Kenneth O’Halloran and Callie Shell.  Good huh?



Mostly fashion and illustration based. Plus GREAT photos of all sorts of things.

Iceland photo from http://blog.krisatomic.com/?p=1239


change of plan…

This blog started off being about the idea of listing a THING then listing  multiple blogs that show that thing well. I have now decided it would be much better to simply list the blog straight up. BLOG u MENTIONary and all that.  I was confused. You’ll have to trust me on this one by clicking on the blog and seeing for yourself. I certainly shouldn’t be trying to match their brilliantness on my measly blog.  Hope you find something good.

Favourite Blog: http://www.thedesignfiles.net/

The Design Files

This Melbourne, Australia based design blog has a special talent for finding and capturing beautiful homes, mostly around Melbourne but also abroad. I love her writing style and conversational tone too.
I’ve signed up to her email updates so I never miss an new addition to the blog.

Look at the photos of Kat McLeod and Cam Teys’ house in Melbourne. See how cute a wee place can be with a bit of soul.

Or of one of David Bromley’s houses. DIVINE!

And here are just some examples of the wonderful visual delights to be found on The Design Files.

btw the third drawer down store/ website (where the wall poster above is from)  is the best for finding unique ‘art’ifacts for the most discerning friend.

for rent too!

The owner of this perfect blog describes it like this:
“The Design Files is a collection of creative people, places and products from Melbourne and beyond. I update daily, and interview some of Australia’s most talented designers, artists and creative professionals every week.”

It is truly lovely and you can lose yourself for hours in her back catalogue. Enjoy.

btw the third drawer down store/ website is the best for finding unique ‘art’ifacts for the most discerning friend.